Moissanite vs Diamond: Know the Difference

Are you confused about choosing the gemstone between moissanite and diamond? It’s fairly confusing because most of the features of both gemstones are somehow similar.

This article will briefly explain the differentiation and similarities between moissanite and diamond regarding their color, brilliance, and price hardness. This will better help you to choose the best option for yourself.

Let’s see the details of both gemstones.


Moissanite is commonly used as an alternative for diamonds in jewelry. This gemstone is born from stars. It’s was first discover in1893 by a French scientist.

Moissanite is relatively rare to find naturally, so now it’s available in laboratories mainly.

Scientists try to give the illusion of similarity of moissanite to the diamond, but it is entirely different by composition, but it looks similar somehow by visual aspect.

The color durability and brilliance of moissanite are totally distinct from the diamond. Moreover, Moissanite is more sparky than a diamond with clarity, cut, and color. It has double refraction property.


Diamond is called the hardest minerals because it receives 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Because of its hardness score, a diamond is ideal and durable for everyone who wears it.

That’s the reason it is more popular and frequently used in engagement rings.  

It reflects the light in three dimensions. The white light is reflected at the back to direct to brilliance. In contrast, another light is directed to the depression, the third one helps to return the light of the diamond, and the composition of these lights gives incredible spark to the diamond.


Diamond and Moissanite are both unique by their nature, and now it’s up to you to choose the better option for yourself.

After going through this short article, we are sure that you will select the best one for yourself.

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